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This is my first official post as a pet blogger, so welcome indeed! Here’s the shizzle:

– I am not an animal expert, either in medical or behavioural matters, but OOooooh I just lurve my fur-babies (yes, people who don’t have pets, that IS what we call them) and I look forward to writing about them.

– I am passionate about animal rescue.

– Our little family consists of: Me, my husband, my little daughter, a retired racing greyhound with extremely potent flatulence, a lurcher with zero recall (we’re working on it), a rather snooty ragdoll cat, and a big, black and very affable longhaired moggie.

Wanna meet ’em?? DO ya?? Huh?? Aaaahhh, go on then:



This is Chicken. Or “Chicken Toerags” if you go by her full title, or “Madamoiselle Poulet” if you go by what I’d like her full title to really be. She’s the only pedigree in the brood and my very special girl. She’s been with me for 9 years, and I think you’ll agree – is one very pretty lady.

Likes – Me. Sleeping on my chest at approximately 5am most mornings. Ham. Crispy Duck from the Golden Harvest, Bolton.
Dislikes – Every other living creature in the house. Fresh fish/chicken/every food cats are supposed to like.


This is Badger. Beautiful Badger. Not brimming with intellect, but full of affection and poetry in motion when he’s running. More people should consider taking on a retired racing greyhound – I intent to post more on this subject at a later date. He is the first one my 4 year old daughter goes to for a cuddle when she’s in a grump – (a frequent event.)

Likes – Anything edible that isn’t nailed down. Having the backs of his ears rubbed. A tiny little pug we sometimes see walking named Mr Darcy.

Dislikes – My daughter getting upset – bless him. And not much else to be honest -our Badger is a happy Badger.


Annabel. A three year old (approx) lurcher and a truly gentle soul. Annabel is a new addition to the clan. I went to donate some blankets and food to our local rescue shelter just before Christmas and my little daughter spotted her. “This one looks sad Mummy. Can we take her home?” Well who was I to say no?! It really was love at first sight with this lady – she’d been found living rough, emedicated and with burns, bless her heart. Badger had been pining for the Belgian shepherd we’d lost to old age a few weeks previously. We were all devastated by losing him, but Annabel has been very healing.

Likes – All of us. Me, husband, daughter, Badger, cats. Won’t take her eyes off whoever is in the room. Also likes hugs, often putting her head on any available shoulder and nuzzling in.

Dislikes – Thunder and lightning. I have a feeling fireworks are going to be an issue too.


Last but not least, meet Fluffbomb. (I find the name is best pronounced in the style of the Batman theme tune – Danna nana nana nana nana nana nana nana FLUFFBOMB!)

Fluffbomb was inherited. He belonged to my aunty, who I was extremely close to. She sadly passed away in 2012 aged just 49. Fluffbomb needed a home and I knew what a good natured boy he was, so we gave him a try. My aunty was very close to my daughter – so I liked the idea of her growing up with Fluffbomb (or Bobbum as he’s sometimes called.) Fluffbomb sleeps on her bed and never leaves her side when she’s poorly. He is a very affable chap and is often more dog like than cat like, coming straight away when his name is called. Bobbum is brilliant.

Likes – To sit and squint at you for hours. to meow replies when you talk to him. Turkey ham.

Dislikes – Aw do you know what? I can’t think of anything. Lovely Bobbum.

Well that’s me and my fur buddies. Any other lurcher/greyhound/ragdoll fans out there? They may all drive me nuts at times but I wouldn’t be without them.



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