Separation Anxiety Diary

Annabel our lurcher has an unknown past, but it seems it was one lacking in love. Though you expect a few house training hiccups when you first take on a rescue, it became very clear very quickly that Annabel had issues.

Separation anxiety can be a tough nut to crack. Interestingly, it mostly occurs with three kinds of dog. Those that have been with the mother too long, those that have been taken from the mother too soon, or rescues. It can manifest in three different ways, or a combination of those ways.

– Noise.
– Destruction.
– Soiling.

Although Annabel only soils, it became so constant and seemingly unchanged by any methods I already knew of, that I enlisted the help of Dr David Sands, a pet behaviour specialist and all round amazing chap.

Together, we have put a programme in place to help Annabel, and slowly but surely, we are starting to see improvements.


Follow her journey here:

Separation anxiety diary part 1 The Journey Begins.

Part 2 We get help – a visit from Dr David Sands.

Part 3 One paw forward, 4 paws back.

Part 4 – The crate is introduced.

Part 5 – The Crying Begins!


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