This is us:

Me – Parent and now pet blogger. Sign language communicator. Red-haired goddess of social media and author of “Water Birth Please” (available on Amazon).

My Other Half – Air Guitar regional finalist and photobomber extraordinaire. Likes jelly.

Daughter – To follow her antics follow http://www.waterbirthplease.wordpress.com

Badger – Intellectually challenged retired racing greyhound.

Annabel – Beautiful blonde rescue lurcher with seperation anxiety.

Chicken – She is in fact a cat and nothing to do with poultry. A pedigree Ragdoll to be precise.

Fluffbomb – Big, fluffy black handsome beast. Inherited when my Aunty passed away. Guardian of my little daugher and lovely boy. Oh, and he’s a cat by the way.

This blog logs the chaos that is our little northern clan and focus’s on our four legged friends in particular. (How’s THAT for alliteration?!)

PR friendly.
Passionate about rescue.

So how the devil are you?


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