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The Bandana Boutique

I’m not a huge fan of dressing up your dog or cat. Granted, the hounds need a jacket when it’s cold, but as for the bow ties, Star Wars costumes, hats etc – well no thank you. Each to their own but not for me.


I can’t help but melt a wee bit when I see a doggy in a bandana. There’s just something about them, and it doesn’t really count as “dressing them up” to my mind. Honest!

You may also have gathered by now that I’m passionate about animal rescue. The is something extra special about the love of a rescue dog or cat, and with so many pooches needing homes – well why on earth wouldnt you? Adopt, don’t shop.

“Where’s this going?” I hear you cry. Well I shall tell you.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered The Bandana Boutique and their bandanas that proudly display the fact that my furrbuddies are rescues. Happy Mummy.

I just had to do a post and big these guys up. Spreading the word about pet rescue, fabulous service, and fabulous products (loads of designs to choose from, ready made and personalised). What’s not to like?

Follow them on twitter @BandanaBoutiqu1

And yes – they may have used our Annabel’s picture on their web page but, like, whatever.

***does proud Mummy dance all over the living room***

Look how gorgeous they are . . .





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