Armstrong’s Twisted Fish – A Review.

Furrbuddies has had the pleasure of reviewing a fab product this week. One my hounds highly approve of, and one I couldn’t be happier with.

Introducing Armstrong’s Twisted Fish:


This is a company who started up because of the allergies their own dog Bailey suffered from. Bailey is allergic to many common ingredients found in traditional dog food and treats, such as wheat, soya, maize and rice. They set about making her some treats of her very own using locally bought fish skin, and soon found family and friends wanting some for their own Furrbuddies. And so,Armstrong’s Twisted Fish was born.

The are a few reasons why I love this product, the main one being its ingredients. As regular readers will know, Annabel our lurcher is on a special training programme to try and help her conquer her separation anxiety (which you can read all about here). This programme involves a lot of treat based rewards, and I was getting really conscious about the amount I was giving her. After all, there can be a whole lot of junk in shop bought dog treats. I’d had a stab at making my own liver based treats which were also healthy, but as a working Mum that struggles to fit in home made human food, this wasn’t something I was finding easy to keep up.

Here’s the ingredients in Twisted Fish:


Kind of hard not to be impressed with that! The fish is caught in the North sea, off the coast of Peterhead, Scotland and then supplied by McKeown’s Fishmongers, Bangor. They hand prepare the fish skins so they’re extra fresh, and dehydrate them at a low temperature to retain nutrients.

Benefits of fish skin include:

– High protein.
– Low Fat.
– High in omega three which reduces inflammation and therefore can alleviate arthritis, bowel conditions, skin conditions and degenerative brain diseases. It also reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, which may prevent heart problems, boosts the immune system and is super duper for the health of your dog’s skin and coat.

Badger our Greyhound has recently been diagnosed with arthritis bless him, so I’m very happy to be giving him these knowing they’ll be much better for him than his usual biscuit.

Another good reason to like this product – the hounds LOVE them!


They even recognise the sound of the jar opening now:


(The jar is also from Armstrongs by the way and is actually a really lovely bit of storage solution. I’m a sucker for cool packaging – especially the refillable environmentally friendly type.)

We received both the long sticks and some smaller bite-sized ones too, great for training. They even have a fan we weren’t reckoning on (excuse the poor photo, I had to grab the camera quickly! I did end up having to break it up a bit for Fluffbomb’s little chops though. n.b.this was purely an accident. Armstrong’s Twisted Fish do not market themselves as suitable for cats.)


So all in all it’s a huge thumbs up from us. I would urge anyone wanting to feed their doggies lovely, healthy treats of fishy goodness to have a look on Armstrong’s website (click here) and give them a try. The service was super friendly and very fast. It’s also a nice feeling to support an independent business who genuinely care, and hey – it’s one in the eye for the big chain stores.


Follow Armstrong’s Twisted fish on Facebook here, and Twitter as @ArmstrongsFish


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